Best part about playing music is uh, it’s the one thing i think i can do well in life and it’s the only thing i’ve ever been able to do really well, so i get to express myself, i get to enjoy myself and i make a living out of enjoying myself. it’s quite fun to actually have a job where you enjoy it.

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A never-ending cycle

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What’s the best way for a fan to get your attention?

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some of my photos from the teenage cancer trust show on monday :)

best night of my entire life.

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Loose Change → Favorite Lyrics

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Ed’s singing whilst Stuart is laughing :)

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oh really

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Remember - DO NOT buy through resale sites.

Guys, the Resellers are already posting tickets at gouged prices that are NOT even available yet.

These people may actually buy tickets but don’t buy from them. Let them lose their money. We all know that Ed and Stuart will give those seats away before they will help support gougers. The venue won’t mind, as long as they’ve sold the seats.

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*gets a compliment*

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I might not want to fuck with Ed’s love but I’ll definitely fuck with him

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Awkward Teddy is my favorite

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